Save With John Dave One Percent Realty Pitt Meadows: Best Realtors In Town

Selling a house in a short period is not easy in this highly turbulent world. The situation tends to become worse with the downtrend in the economy. In such a situation, it would be advisable to turn to reliable Realtors such as Save with John & Dave. The following review will let you know why these Pitt Meadows Realtors are a good choice when selling your property.

Today we will be reviewing:

One Percent Realty Maple Ridge – Save With John & Dave
203 – 11985 203 St, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4V2
(604) 265-8280

Overview of the services

You will come across many Realtors in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver. However, all of the Realtors are not really worth considering; the majority of them charge too much commission. Also, some Realtors might get you in a fraudulent deal, pressing you for a much lower price. The drive to sell a home fast can easily manifest into a nightmare if you choose any such Realtor.

However, the situation is totally different when you choose One Percent Realty. Both John and Dave have years of experience in the field of real estate. Whether you want to buy a property or sell your home, they will live up to your expectations regarding price, time and procedures.

Speedy sale

When you want to sell your house fast, you need to find a buyer quickly. This is probably the biggest hurdle in today’s time. However, Dave and John have connections with numerous potential buyers in the market. With their contacts and connections along with rigorous marketing, they will ensure a quick sale of your home in the desired period.

Better sale value

If you try to sell your house by yourself, it will take too much time. Even if you find a buyer, it is likely that you will be compelled to sell your property at a much lower price. However, One Percent Realty bridges this price-gap by finding the best deal. Through effective marketing online as well as offline, John and Dave make certain that you get a better value for your house by exploring numerous potential buyers.

Low commission

You will come across certain Realtors who will assist you in selling your home fast. However, they will rip you financially regarding hidden charges, high commission, and processing fees. You will end up paying a lot of money to such Realtors. Save with John & Dave, on the other hand, charge the lowest commission in the industry. Also, they do not add any hidden charges. As such, you are sure to sell your home fast without paying a lot of commission.


Another benefit of working with One Percent Realty companies such as SWJD or Cardas Mudridge, is they offer constant support throughout the deal. No matter whether you are at your home or on a vacation, Dave and John stay in touch with you till the deal is finalized. You can have your queries and issues resolved at any time via phone and online sources. A simple search will let you know how happy people are after choosing these Pitt Meadows Realtors for buying/selling a house.

Bottom line

From the above review, it gets really clear that One Percent Realty is an obvious choice for selling home fast. Whether you want to sell a small apartment or big condo, these Pitt Meadows Realtors will help out. A low commission, quick sale of the house, persistent support through the deal, hassle-free selling procedures, etc. are a few of the benefits offered by Save with John and Dave. On account of these reasons, most of the people turn to them for buying/selling a home.