What Property Managers Should Know About Playground Safety

Property managers are supposed to take playground safety seriously. They are responsible not only for managing leases, keeping records, and handling tenants, but also they are supposed to take care of the everyday physical running of property that includes preventative and routine

maintenance and emergency repairs. They maintenance duties are not replacing hinges and unclogging drains limited, he/she have to maintain clean and safe community playground. Managers are required to look if there is a public playground, its pathway access and surrounding areas are free from dangerous objects, litter, and make sure all equipment is free from damage.

A good property manager starts with a benchmark inspection on the playground area which is done by a qualified playground inspector. The inspector will report for priorities all safety hazards and lays out that are found on playground. That’s when a property manager decides which non-compliant matters to be confronted first based on their priority rating. Both an inspector and the property manager can work together to develop maintenance plan which is specific to site.

Playgrounds should always be fun, however, without proper maintenance of the equipment, it can result in fatal or serious injuries to our kids. Playground construction manufacturers should install instructions that should be followed strictly and develop a maintenance schedule. Bosses are supposed to be on the lookout for worm parts, cracks in plastic tools, corrodes materials, displaced loose surfacing, and insect and rot damage, vandalism and shedding paint. A qualified inspector will find out potential hazards and problems: including surfacing and tools exposed to direct sun that can cause severe burns, predicaments that cause choking, trip hazard and protrusions that can lacerate and tear skin. After all, problems are noted, repairs should be made as quickly as possible.

Property managers also should be aware of intended age groups who use the outdoor play structures to ensure appropriate tools are installed. Warning labels and signs should be visible, legible and clear and be placed at the entrance point to offer guidance to those controlling children like guardians, parents and caregiver to educate, alert and warn them about proper and safe use of play area.

Property managers should get help to keep up with standards and current trends in playground safety to ensure safer and better residence for their youngest occupants.

Pablo Salas